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In addition to our digital version that’s sent out to over 30,000 emails each month, readers also have the option of reading our hard copy. We now send out hard copies to over 500 repair centers, suppliers and airlines each month.

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About 145 Magazine

145 is an aviation lifestyle magazine that’s less focused on the technical aspects of the aviation world, and more on the people that work within the industry. Think of it as the People® magazine of aviation, but without all the drama and gossip. There are thousands of fascinating people in aviation, with rich life experiences that reach far beyond the confines of the office. Our objective at 145 is to reveal the personal side these extraordinary individuals, to peel back the onion a few layers so to speak, so that readers can get to know them better. We relish publishing stories about people who’ve sacrificed everything they have just to build their businesses, stories about adrenaline junkies, former college football players, entertainment personalities, fortune 500 CEOs, political refugees, and more.